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Amateur Sports. TV  
Putting Amateur Sports into the Spotlight 

Automated Broadcast Management System that allows you to stream both live events and replay previous ones on-demand. Its automated nature eliminates the need for specialized IT, production support and camera personnel. At the same time, it remains incredibly easy to customize by you the user – no broadcasting degree necessary.
Using a private network and unmanned cameras with infrastructure that is operational 24/7, creating a perfect broadcast available to your chosen audience is as simple as scheduling an event and activating your stream

Features ​​

Broadcast Live and On Demand

Custom Interface​

Full Integration With Existing Systems

After being streamed live, events are available to be watched later on demand for as long as you desire
​Present your viewers with an interface customized to your brand
​​easily embedded into existing portals and sports such features as single sign-on, radically improving viewing experience

​​Score Clock Integration with On-Screen Overlay

​Private or Public Viewing Control

​Watch where you want, when you want

​Broadcast events to a select audience or share with the entire web
​​Real time data ensures you know at what stage the game is at all the times
​​Lets you view content regardless of if you’re at home in front the computer or on the go using a tablet or smartphone

​Play Tracking Technology

​​Unmanned Network Cameras

​ Play tracking technology automatically follows the action so that no part of the event is missed
​​Custom positioned cameras provide multiple angles and user controlled views

A complete 360° solution

All these possibilities are here – in an affordable and usable package.

Whether it’s players hitting the field or performers hitting the stage, you can leave the rest to US once they get there – because We’re On When You Are.

As much as we’d like to as parents, it’s usually impossible to make it to every game or performance. Now, even if you can’t be there in person you’ll never miss a single event – whether you see it on a live feed while across the continent or experience the magic of watching on-demand with your child sitting next to you, amazed to see herself in action.
Players and performers young and old from hobbyists to aspiring professionals, can plainly see their strengths and weaknesses on review – allowing them to improve by leaps and bounds.
As a coach, the teaching benefits are undeniable. And when he’s ready to move to the next level, you’ll have in hand a video product that not only clearly showcases your player’s talents, but also one that stands out from all others.