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Core Fitness – The Family in a Family Gym
       Author: Purity Heide

            CORE Fitness is more than a local gym. It is a place to reach your fitness goals and “discover how good physical activity can make you feel” (gym moto). I had the chance to sit down with the owners Ryan Kuhl and April Yutzy-Kuhl to talk about their business and what we don’t see walking by.
Core Fitness is a local gym run by local people. It is a family gym located right in the heart of downtown Winkler where they work hard to help you reach each of your fitness goals. April and Ryan have been the owners and managers of Core Fitness for nearly two years, taking ownership from their current location on July 1 of 2016. “We do it because it is our passion and our dream. We are in it for the long-term” says April. Their passion and dedication shines through all aspects of the gym. They work hard to keep the gym running smoothly with the help of their dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They currently employ personal trainers, fitness instructors and about 10 additional staff in order to provide the best customer service and assist in as many different areas of fitness and overall well-being as possible. Ryan describes their staff as well-rounded and positive. “We have a great team” April added. The general staff work hard to maintain a clean environment while assisting members whenever needed. They are tremendous multi-taskers as their number one priority is customer service. They also employ numerous personal trainers who are independent as they see their own clients. They have worked with a wide variety of ages from pre-teens to seniors. Trainers also work with a variety of people and injuries. They have assisted after physio and can help with fat loss. All personal trainers employed through Core Fitness are certified with their personal training certification and have a passion for what they do. Some of their trainers have extra certifications such as pre and post-natal. Along with the personal trainers are the fitness instructors who run the classes they offer through the gym. None of their classes require a membership. If you don’t have one they do charge a small fee at the door, but all are welcome. It is a requirement that these staff members do have their own certification as well. Ryan, April and their whole team are here to help you in your fitness (and well-being) journey with their passion, knowledge and dedication.
            It’s no secret that Core Fitness is a family gym, but for a lot of people, they don’t really know what that means. For Core fitness it means they think about the families, children and parents that come to the gym. This is why they have Child Minding in place. During the school year children that are between 6 months and 5 years old can come with their parents when they come to the gym, and during summer break they are accepting children beyond this age-range! They have a supervised space designated for the children with toys and fun things to keep them well entertained. Child Minding is offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-12pm. For a lot of moms this is their chance to get out and socialize while getting a good work-out in. In addition to this they have created a positive environment where they don’t have a lot of intimidation factor, and no swearing or vile language over the radio. The affordable rates also assist in the overall family gym that Core Fitness has available to this community.
            Core Fitness is run by a truly dedicated and passionate couple. Their dedication to helping you succeed and reach your goals is what they are all about. It truly is amazing how good physical activity can make you feel!